About Me


I am a graduate from SUNY Oswego. I have a BA in Communication and Social Interaction Major with a Creative Writing minor. My interests are in social media, blogging, and video blogging (vlogging).

College Experience:

At college, I have taken up positions that have helped me with developing skills in social media. I was an intern with SUNY Oswego’s Communications and Marketing Office. I, with a team of students, helped manage the social media sites (TwitterInstagram, and Snapchat) during social events on campus. Although it is hard for me to show my skills for social media, an example of one of the tweets for the SUNY Oswego Twitter is shown below. It is the most retweeted and favorited tweet Oswego has ever had!

Along with the social media position of this internship, I also was a student blogger. For more information about my vlogging, please refer to the Alyssa Explains It All tab.

Since my freshman year, I have worked with the student run TV station, WTOP-10. My second semester freshman year, I was one of the first Social Media Coordinators for nightly news. Throughout my sophomore year, I have been called in to run the Twitter and other social media accounts for the station during campus events. From Fall 2014 to Spring 2015, I was the Social Media Assistant. In May 2015, I became the Social Media Director. This position allowed me to manage all social media (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) for the station and train coordinators for the station’s news, sports, original productions, and special live events.

In October 2015, I was asked to intern with the Department of Communication Studies at SUNY Oswego as a social media intern. The department wanted to make their social media presence more active and likeable, so they emailed me because of my past experience. Myself, and two other students, ran the Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts for the department. We made the platform look more presentable by editing the logo, made daily posts about what is happening within the department with faculty and students, and created content around popular hashtags (#MotivationMonday, #FeatureFriday). The goal was to create posts to reach our audience, as well as making the page more active and informative. Part of my internship was to work on COM Week, a week dedicated to the department and all of the different organizations. I worked with the event team and helped create voting polls of The Ozzies. The Ozzies is a award show for students, with the awards usually picked by faculty and the board. But, for some of the fun, entertaining categories, I used Twitter’s poll function. I also live tweeted the award show. If you would like to view the analytics from the social media networks throughout my internship, please look through the social media report I created: commstudiessocialmediareport

Outside Internships Experience:

During the summer of 2014, I interned at Fusion Analytics as a Social Media Intern for Michael Needleman. I helped him create video content for his blog, Making Cents of it all, and aided him with his social media sites (Twitter, Vine, Instagram, and LinkedIn).

While looking for internships for summer of 2015, I came across Screen Media Ventures, a small film company in NYC. They own and run an online streaming movie website (similar to Netflix) called Popcornflix.com. They were looking for a social media intern to run their different platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest) and help create a better online audience. I applied and was hired a day after my phone interview. I not only ran social media, but also wrote online editorials about their movies, looked up current entertainment articles to share, and watched some of the movies to collect clips to be put on the Facebook page. I ran their main Popcornflix accounts, and also their social media for their horror film site (Frightpix) and their kid movie streaming site (Popcornflixkids).

Work Experience:

In March 2016, a YouTube channel I watch called, Channel Frederator, announced they were looking for a new host for a video series that has been around for about two years. The series, Cartoon Conspiracy, looks a theories about popular cartoons (old and new) in movies and TV shows and then explains how they can or cannot happen. I sent an audition video to the channel’s producers, and within a month, they contacted asking for me to make a test video. I was one of six finalists and was chosen from over five hundred submissions. I sent in some video ideas, and once we finalized on a theory, I researched and wrote a script. Then, I recorded in front of a green screen and edited my best takes to be sent to an editor. The final product was uploaded to the channel, which has over one million subscribers. The video got great feedback. My producer, Cade Hiser, contacted me again telling me they would like me to make more videos for them. I currently am freelancing for Frederator Studios (the company in charge of the channel) and go in to film videos at their studios in NYC when they need me to. I write my own scripts and edit my good takes. They do the rest. Go to the Interviews and more tab for a link to my episodes. This is an amazing opportunity to reach out to an audience!

Starting January 2017, I was hired as the Community Manager at Frederator Networks. I am in charge of the different social media accounts for the YouTube channels, Channel Frederator, Cartoon Hangover, and The Leaderboard. I also reply to comments to let our audience know we are reading their comments and understand their issues and note their requests. This job also requires me to be talent for some of the videos for the channels, either on camera or doing voiceover work.


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